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jennifer nyp

Is the owner of ZenGirl Fitness, the co-creator of The Mix fitness series, contributor to Keri Glassmans Slim Calm Sexy Diet book and a celebrity teacher/trainer. She has been an (ACE) personal trainer for 20 years, a (vinyasa) yoga instructor for 21 years and a (Power) Pilates instructor for 16 years. She has been an athlete all of her life and has a passion for fitness and how it can change one’s life for the better. Jennifer also teaches (IKFF) Kettlebells, TRX, works with pre and post natal, young and old clients. 

angilique campbell

Is a Certified Pilates Instructor With a love and passion for movement and teaching, Angilique has over 15 years of dance and fitness experience. Before receiving her B.A. in Communications from Temple University, she obtained certifications in aerobics, personal training, and yoga. Once she discovered the Pilates method, she found it to be the most effective and beneficial form of training for the young, the elderly, and people with physical limitations. After enduring a back injury from dancing, she used the Pilates method as a form of rehabilitation. She earned her Pilates mat and apparatus certifications through Power Pilates and the Physical Mind Institute. Originally from Maryland/Washington DC, Ms. Campbell moved to New York to study dance at the Ailey School. While continuing to study dance and perform she teaches private clients, duets, semi private sessions, and classes for various organizations throughout the city and through her own company, Pilates Angel. She has taught at different places including Washington Sports Clubs, Gold's Gym, Equinox, Core Focus Physical Therapy, Alvin Ailey, DLFit studio, and has also volunteered to teach for New York City Parks and Recreation, PS6, and Shape Up NYC.

tina manchise

Certified by New York City's esteemed Power Pilates Studio- an internationally renowned movement training company dedicated to the development of teaching professionals- Tina Manchise is a classically-based Pilates instructor and teacher trainer.

Promoted to Teacher Trainer at Power Pilates in 2001, Tina provided instruction world wide within the internationally recognized teacher-development program. As a New York City-based instructor, Tina taught Pilates, dance, anatomy, kinesiology, injury prevention, movement principles, and teaching theory to clients and instructors with diverse backgrounds and movement needs.

Tina worked as a senior teacher, program instructor, and teacher trainer at the New York City studio, offering instruction in structural anatomy and teaching systems for artists, dancers, and movement professionals. While working as a fundamental member of the company, Tina helped to develop workshops and curriculum for the renowned training program.

Tina has worked extensively with clients who range from professional dancers to athletes to celebrities such as Mary-Louise Parker and Gisele Bundchen to everyone in between.

marie grillo

 has been teaching Pilates for over 18 years. Originally trained in the classical method, certified under Romana Kryzanowska, she has broadened her approach through her vast teaching experience, Marie has developed a work-out approach that understands individual needs -- even in a class setting. With a great eye for alignment and engagement she is an encouraging, true believer in the power of Pilates. After she closed her own studio, Heart & Soul Pilates in Williamsburg, Brooklyn she received her Master's degree in Early Childhood Education and has been teaching Preschool for the past five years.
Marie has found Pilates to be her gateway into physical fitness and has honed her skills throughout the years. Marie offers a unique, fun and personal workout experience designed for your needs. Marie is also a writer, film-maker, and actor.

alisa ohri

In 2007 Alisa and her husband moved to Jersey City. She was on the hunt for a Pilates studio to call home. That is when she found the Pilates Haus, a classical Pilates Teacher Training Center.

Her first class at the Pilates Haus was a Mat class taught by none other than Brett Howard himself! (Director of Education for the USPA and second generation/Master Teacher certified by Joseph Pilates’ protégé Romana Kryzanowska.) Alisa realized quickly that Pilates wasn’t just a workout, it was a way of life!

As a full time Singer/Songwriter, Alisa found Pilates to be wonderfully beneficial for her craft. She immediately noticed the connection between core strength and improved breath while performing. After having training as a client at the Pilates Haus for over ten years, Alisa decided to deepen her practice and become a Certified Pilates Instructor in 2017. Alisa also has a dual BA in English and Economics from The University of California, Berkeley.