Pilates & Personal Training for Men, Women, Teens, People


Find your core, create space, fix your imbalances and improve your fitness in every way. We are here to help you train for your life and looking good is just the cherry on top! 

We are not a trend. Staffed with Power Pilates certified teachers in the Classic vein by Bob Liekens, we will guide you safely through a challenging workout. We have certified trainers as well. 


Owner, Jennifer Nyp has been teaching and training clients for over two decades. Her personal method combines cardio, strength and core training; pilates and yoga in one dynamic routine. 


Do Pilates or Personal Training or both. You do you.



One-on-one, tailored to your needs and goals. You will utilize all pieces of equipment in the studio. 


Single: $120

5 Pack: $575

10 Pack: $1,100

INTRO OFFER: 3 Pvts:  $285 (one time only) 

With Jennifer

Single: $135

5 Pack: $650

10 Pack: $1,280

INTRO OFFER: 3 Pvts: $300 (One time only) 


Duet Session

Two Students maximum. A great way to spend time with a partner, friend or family member while staying active. 


Single: $70 (per person)

5 Pack: $340

10 Pack: $650




2-4 People. A great way to work out in a small group and be motivated by those around you. Some experience is required. 


Single: $62

5 Pack: $300

10 Pack: $580 


Up to 4 People. Tower class is a great way to strengthen and lengthen your body. All levels. 


Single: $40

5 Pack: $190

10 Pack: $350


*If you have a group of 4 people we will make a class time for you.  

224 W. 4th Street West Village NYC

(917) 549-8667